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Ruston 21

Challenged by Mayor Hollingsworth's vision for Ruston to seize its destiny proactively, the planning team conducted focus groups with City administrators, individual aldermen, and community stakeholders in an effort to assess strengths and weaknesses of the current land-use environment and to identify challenges and opportunities facing the Ruston community. Individual workshop findings were recorded and distilled into seven critical community development principles that should be addressed if Ruston is to realize its fullest potential. Issues, along with statements gleaned from workshop participants, are identified in the following sections.

Issues include a range of social, political, and land-use opportunities that will require a true community effort to address prevalent concerns and effectively leverage current potential. The Ruston 21 planning process has been characterized by broad engagement, open communication, quick response, and public accountability in an effort to ensure benefits for all.

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  Introduction and Guiding Principles (1.6 MB)
  Community Fabric (726 KB)
  Economic Development (264 KB)
  Land Use (1 MB)
  Housing and Neighborhoods (623 KB)
  Core District (1.4 MB)
  Natural Systems, Public Recreation, and Parks (1.4 MB)
  Transportation and Circulation (1 MB)
  Public Facilities (460 KB)
  Implementation (212 KB)
  Appendices (3 MB)

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