Welcome to the Ruston Police Department on the Internet. Through this web site, we will try to assist you with readily available information. Hopefully, you will find this information helpful and will learn more about our department’s organization and programs.

It is the goal of the Ruston Police Department to serve the Ruston community through professional attention and response, deterrence and prevention of crime, enforcement of the law, the preservation of peace and order thereby reducing fear by providing a safe environment in which to live.

The Ruston Police Department consists of 50 employees, 41 of which are sworn, commissioned full time police officers. The remaining personnel are assigned as communications and support staff. Additionally, we have a very active and trained staff of Reserve Officers.

Our police department is divided into several smaller divisions. We also have several special projects and programs. Some of our programs are short-term, while others continue on a regular basis. All of these divisions, projects and programs work together and compliment each other so that we can provide the best service possible to the citizens of our community. 



Crimestoppers is confidential. Crimestoppers of Ruston will pay up to $2000 for information leading to an arrest and/or indictment of a criminal. If you have information about a crime or a criminal, call Crimestoppers. DO NOT GIVE YOUR NAME. Tell the person who answers the phone that you have information about a crime or criminal. You will then be given an identification number. This number is unique to you, so don't forget it. You'll have to have it in order to collect your reward. If the information you give results in an arrest or indictment against the criminal, then you are eligible for a reward. Call Crimestoppers again with your identification number, and you will be told how to collect your reward.

Crimestoppers has been praised by all levels of law enforcement as a major deterrent to criminal activities, and a positive force in making communities a safer place in which to live.

REMEMBER, Crimestoppers doesn't want your name, just your information.

The Ruston / Lincoln Crime Stoppers website can be found at

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