Audit Law 

• R.S. 24:523.1 - All Auditees shall post the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Notice on Fraud, Waste, and Abuse on their website. 

Open Meetings Law 

R.S. 42:19(A)(2)(a) – All public bodies are required to post a copy of their written notice of meetings under the Open Meetings Law on their website no later than 24 hours before the meeting (exclusive of weekends and legal holidays). 
R.S. 42:20(B)(2) – All Public Bodies shall post their written minutes within 10 days of publishing in their Official Journal (those not required to publish in the Official Journal must do so within a reasonable time) 

Open Meetings Law – Declared Emergencies and Disasters 
• R.S. 42:17.1(B) – All public bodies conducting meetings via teleconference or videoconference during a gubernatorial declared emergency or disaster shall publish on their website within 24 hours of the meeting: (1) notice and agenda for the meeting, including a certification by the presiding officer that the meeting is limited to one of the matters cited in R.S. 42:17.1(A)(2); and (2) detailed information regarding how members of the public may participate in the meeting and submit comments regarding matters on the agenda. 

For additional information, including sample certification language, please see Q.25 and Q.26 of the LLA’s Open Meetings Law FAQ. 

Ad Valorem Taxes / Roll Forward 

• R.S. 47:1705(B)(2)(c)(ii)(aa) – Recipient bodies of Ad Valorem taxes shall publish notice of public hearing regarding roll forward on its website on the date of the first publication in the Official Journal and remain posted until action is taken to approve or disapprove or abandon action on roll forward increase. 

Public Bid 

R.S. 38:2212(E)(7) – Requires that public entities post all “bidding documents” on the electronic website accepting electronic bids on public works contracts. 
R.S. 34:3523(C)(1) – Requires ports to post notice of intent to select a design-builder for design-build services on their website (in addition to their Official Journal) when utilizing the design-build method. 

Collective Bargaining Agreements 
• R.S. 44:67.1(A) – Requires publication on public employer website for at least 5 days prior to acceptance and ratification of any collective bargaining agreement to which a public employer is a party. 

Sexual Harassment 

• R.S. 42:343(D) – Requires that the agency head of a government entity (State or local) ensure that a copy of the public entity’s sexual harassment policy and complaint procedures are prominently placed on the entity’s website, or in a prominent location if the entity does not have a website. 

Parish Registrar of Voters

R.S. 18:51.1(B)(1) – Requires a parish governing authority to post notice of upcoming appointment of a registrar of voters on its website, if it has one. 

R.S. 18:1309.1(A)* requires the registrar of voters to post at his offices adequate notice of the date, time, and place at which the voting machines will be prepared for early voting and to post the same information on his office’s website, if possible. 

*Added by Act 381 of the 2021 Regular Session (Effective June 17, 2021). 


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