Solid Waste Collection

Frequently Asked Questions


What are considered recyclable items?

Paper, plastic, aluminum cans, and cardboard. 

How do I sign up for recycling? 

To sign up for recycling, visit the Customer Service department or the Ruston Recycles page at to fill out an application.

What do I do if my recycle container is damaged, missed for pickup, or I failed to put it at curbside in time? 

You should contact the Public Works department at (318) 242-7703.

When should I place my container out for pickup?

You should place your container out the evening before your scheduled service day. 

I have a lot of items that will not fit into my container. What should I do?

If you have very large boxes or items you need to recycle, you may bring them to the drop-off location at the Public Works Complex. The City of Ruston also offer Hazardous Household Waste Day every second Saturday of the month. Items such as paper, plastic, cardboard boxes, 10 cans of paint, 5 tires without rims, chemicals in their original container with original labels on them, and batteries may be brought.

Trash Pickup

Where should I place my debris pile for pickup?

All debris piles should be place on the side of the road, not under cable or power lines, and well away from mailboxes, gas/water meters, gates, and vehicles.

Does my debris pile have to be separated for pickup?

Yes. All tree limbs, grass, loose leaves, pine straw, and hedge trimmings should be placed in one pile. Items such as sofas, household goods (white goods), and bagged leaves should be placed together in a separate pile.  Appliances should also be in their own separate pile.

Will the City of Ruston pick up debris done by a contractor?

No, the contractor and/or homeowner is responsibility to have such items removed. 

Does the City of Ruston pickup tires, bricks, or concrete?

No, the City of Ruston do not pick up any of those items. 

Can I bag my leaves or pine straw for pickup?

Due to new regulations from our parish landfill, you can no longer bag these items for pickup with loose leaves and limbs.  All leaves and pine straw in bags must be placed with other household trash to be picked up.

Do I need to call in when I have a debris pile?

No, you do not have to call in. The Solid Waste department run routes every day to collect debris and notes any visible piles ready for pickup.


Who do I need to call about a hole made during trash pickup?

You call may the Public Works Complex at (318) 242-7703

Garbage Pickup

If my can has a crack in it or is missing wheels or a lid, what should I do?

You should call Public Works at (318)242-7703 to report this and a work order will be created for you.

Is it possible for me to receive 2 garbage cans?

Yes. You would have to sign up for our recycling program and pay the fees associated with this.

Is there a way to contact the City of Ruston after hours about a problem I may be having?

Yes, you may visit the City of Ruston website 24/7 and click on “Report a Problem”.  After submitting a form, someone will get in contact with you. (

Is there a wrong or right way to place my container out?

Yes.  All containers need to be placed out with the wheels facing the house (opening facing the street) and free from any nearby mailboxes, light poles, fire hydrates, cars, extra garbage, and gates.

What all can I put in my garbage container or dumpster?

You should only place household garbage inside or your container. 

What happens when my scheduled pickup day falls on a holiday?

Your pickup day moves to Wednesday of that week. (See City of Ruston website for holidays.)


What is not allowed in my garbage container or dumpster?

Items such as furniture, HOT coals from a grill, bulky items, and wood. 


When should I place my container out for pickup?

You should place your container out the evening before your schedule day. (Ex. Monday pickup should place out Sunday evening and Tuesday pickup should place out Monday evening.)

Where should I call if my container was missed or if I failed to put it out for pickup in time?

You should the call the Public Works Complex at (318) 242-7703 and a work order will be created for you. The work order will be worked on the days that our missed curbside are worked on.

Additional Information

City Holidays 2024 : Inside City Limits Holiday Pickup

City Holidays 2024 : Outside City Limits Holiday Pickup

Interested in Recycling? Click here:  Ruston Recycles

Questions about solid waste collection?  Contact us at 318-242-7703.

Hazardous Waste Material Collection and Recycling

Bring your household hazardous items the 2nd Saturday of each month to 2609 S. Farmerville St. 8:30AM - 11:30AM

Materials accepted are:

NOTE: Styrofoam is NOT recyclable and we do not accept glass items.


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