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Under the direction of the Mayor and City Council, and guided by recommendations from a strong citizen Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, the staff of the Ruston Parks and Recreation Department (RPAR) provides the citizens of our community with life-enriching recreational opportunities. Our staff prides itself on delivering quality customer service. Parks and Recreation is more than just fun and games! It also includes providing our citizens with wholesome recreational and athletic opportunities while developing and maintaining proper facilities in which to foster the concepts of equality, fair play, teamwork, and responsibility. Similarly, we continue to develop new partnerships to enhance recreational opportunities in our community. It is our desire to provide the best array of local recreational opportunities possible, delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  

Our Mission

The mission of the City of Ruston Parks and Recreation Department is to offer a diverse package of quality recreational programs, events, and park experiences that improve the quality of life for all residents.

Our Values

Providing quality and value
Respecting the past
Fostering diversity
Planning with a purpose
Communicating effectively
Demonstrating fiscal responsibility

Recreational Programming

For more information on any of these programs, call our office at 318-255-5800 or email us at  Program registration can be done either in the RPAR office at 2505 South Vienna or online at

Rock Island Greenway

Parks and Facilities

R. L. Cook Park

2800 Kavanaugh Road (north Cooktown Road)
Consisting of approximately 28 acres of wooded and open terrain, R. L. Cook is a popular location for walkers.


Duncan Park

1311 Arlington Street (corner of Arlington and West Vaughn Ave.)
Duncan Park consists of approximately 12 acres of open play areas as well as athletic facilities.  All of it is interspersed among pecan, oak and bald cypress trees.  The facility includes a variety of amenities for all ages.


Greenwood Park

1306 Cornell Avenue
Greenwood Park consists of approximately 10 acres of mostly open play area with various clusters of trees. This was the previous site of the Greenwood School, although all that now remains is the gymnasium, known locally as “the Blue Building,” and used as a modified recreation center. 


Memorial Park 

400 East Georgia Avenue
Memorial Park is located near downtown Ruston and adjacent to the Louisiana Military Museum.  During the summer, children can enjoy the playground while parents relax under the shade of nearby trees.







Roberts Park

1000 East Mississippi Avenue
Described as “Ruston’s Lost Jewel,” Roberts Park is a quaint, wooded park.  The facility regularly hosts small groups and individuals wanting to escape the hustle and bustle.



Sidney Smith Park 

600 Lee Avenue
Nestled among the houses just north of the Ruston High School James Stadium, Sidney Smith Park provides basketball facilities that attracts students from Louisiana Tech and Grambling State University.  





Elmore D. Mayfield Park

1701 Martin Luther King Drive
The largest city park encompasses 66 acres with a spring-fed lake tucked among a rolling and wooded terrain.  The facility includes both athletic and natural facilities, truly offering a variety of amenities for all ages.


Huckleberry Trails Park

2304 Magnolia Drive
This park, located adjacent to Cypress Springs Elementary School is 23 wooded acres with special areas created for those who love nature.  A special feature is a one-of-a-kind learning center. 




Park Rules:

1.  Motorized vehicles are not allowed on trails or any undesignated parking areas.
2.  Inline skates, roller skates, skateboards, and bicycles are only permitted on areas specifically designated for their use.
3.  All pets must be on a leash and under the control of their owner while on park property. Leads and leashes shall not exceed ten feet in length. Park patrons shall not allow a pet, even if leashed, to disturb other patrons or to create a nuisance while on the park property. 
4.  Firearms are not allowed on park property, except by duly authorized law enforcement personnel. 
5.  Fireworks are not allowed at any time on park property. 
6.  No person may build, ignite, or maintain an open fire or flame on any park property, except in an appropriate facility or device provided, maintained, or designated for such purpose, or as authorized by the Parks and Recreation Director. 
7.  Park patrons shall not operate any noise-making device in violation of local ordinances. 
8.  City of Ruston parks are opened daily from sunrise to sunset. Hours of use may be extended for special events, or as otherwise approved by the Parks and Recreation Director. 
9.  No person shall abandon a vehicle or other personal property at any park facility. Abandoned property shall be removed, impounded, and disposed of in accordance with City of Ruston ordinances and the appropriate laws of the State of Louisiana. Likewise, no person may leave a vehicle, boat, barge, jet-ski, trailer, tractor, or other property unattended at any park facility in such a manner as to create a hazardous or unsafe condition, or be in violation of a park curfew. Such property may be removed to a safe place or impounded. 
10. All park vegetation and wildlife are protected at all times. No person shall damage, disfigure, pollute, or remove any natural resource. Hunting and trapping is prohibited in all park areas, although fishing is allowed with the appropriate State of Louisiana fishing license. No person shall willfully injure, mutilate, thrash, or destroy any vegetation on park property. No person shall collect, harvest, or stack dead wood. The collection of pecans, and other fruits, is allowed; the thrashing of trees for this purpose is prohibited. 
11. Park patrons shall not use or occupy any facility or area for which a reservation fee has been paid. Parties with confirmed reservations have priority at all times. Reservations may be made in accordance with the City of Ruston policy. 
12. Public demonstrations and/or political rallies or assemblies are not allowed on any park property. 
13. Any area under the control of the City of Ruston Parks and Recreation Department may be closed by the Parks and Recreation Director until such time as the site can again be made available to the public. Except in the case of emergencies, notice of such closures shall be posted. 
14. Park patrons engaged in disruptive, destructive, or hazardous conduct may be asked to stop such conduct by any park attendant. In such cases where the park patron’s conduct is unlawful, or poses an imminent threat of injury, or prevents public enjoyment of the park or facility, appropriate law enforcement personnel will be immediately summoned. 
15. No advertising or posting of any signage, including handbills and temporary signs, is allowed on park property without the written permission of the Parks and Recreation Director. 
16. No person shall conduct commercial sales or offer to sell any goods, wares, drinks, food, or other items, nor render any service for hire at any park or facility except as authorized in writing by the Parks and Recreation Director. 
17. Park patrons shall not use offensive language, make unreasonable noise, engage in offensive gestures, or otherwise disrupt the peace and quiet of any park. 
18. No person shall camp, erect a tent or arrange bedding, or both, for the purpose of remaining overnight in any park or facility. Use of a trailer, camper, or other vehicle for the purpose of remaining overnight is likewise prohibited. 
19. All persons shall comply with all posted signage and abide by all City of Ruston ordinances and State of Louisiana and Federal laws while on park properties or facilities. 
20. The sale, possession with intent to sell, or the consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited in all City of Ruston parks. Provisions may be available for alcohol use inside rentable centers, per current policy. 
21. Glass containers are prohibited at all times on park properties, with the following exceptions: 
      a)  Glass-lined vacuum bottles and glass-lined picnic beverage containers.
      b)  Baby bottles or jars containing food for consumption by a baby. 
22. Swimming is prohibited in all lakes, ponds, creeks, and other waterways within park areas. 
23. Special rules and regulations may be developed for specific facilities or for special events.



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