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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is single-stream recycling?

Single-stream recycling allows customers the ease and convenience of placing all acceptable recyclable materials into a single bin (customers also have a bin for their solid waste). This enhanced recycling program decreases the amount of waste generated and increases the diversion/recycling rate. Each residential customer is provided a bin for recyclable materials (a blue bin) in addition to their garbage bin (green or black bin) for garbage.

2. What are the benefits to single-stream recycling?

There are several benefits to single-stream recycling:

– Easy and convenient for customers

– More recyclable items accepted

– Enhances neighborhood beautification

– Reduces recycling thefts at the curb

– Increases recycling within the City of Ruston

– Improves worker safety

3. What can I recycle?

Single-stream recycling allows for the collection and processing of a wider variety of recyclable material, including:

4. What about recycling cardboard?

Cardboard can be cut up and placed in the bin.  Do not pack the bin too tight or it will not be able to be emptied at pickup. 

5. Do I need to clean items before putting them in the bin?

No liquids or loose food can be placed in the recycling bin. Food and liquids spoil the recyclability of paper and cardboard. Your recyclables should be cleaned of food residue. All paper put into the bin must be dry.

6. What items can NOT be recycled?

7. Why can we not recycle these items?

The recycling processing facility uses an automated system to sort and bale the recyclables. We cannot take plastic disposable meat trays, pizza boxes, or Styrofoam (in any form- takeout containers, egg binons, packing materials) because of contamination.  You are encouraged to ask for paper bags during shopping or opt for the cloth/mesh reusable bags.

8. Do I have to use a City of Ruston recycling and trash bin? Can I use my own bins?

The City of Ruston requires all customers to use the trash and recycling bins that we provide. Customers cannot use their own bins. Ruston’s bins are designed for pick up by our automated collection trucks. The automated truck mechanism is not able to service other customer owned containers.

9. What will happen if I use my recycling bin as a trash bin?

The effectiveness of the program will be a citywide effort. Contamination from just one resident can contaminate an entire load of recyclables. Therefore, if a customer places garbage in their recycling bin, that customer will be not be picked up and will be subject to an additional fine.  This charge will be added to the next bill.

10. What time should I place my garbage bin and recycling bin at the curb?

All bins must be placed at the curb by midnight before on your scheduled day of service. Please place your bins at least 3 feet apart to allow for easier pickup for the collection crew.

11. Where does my garbage bin and/or recycling bin go if I live on a private drive?

All bins must be placed on the curb of the nearest public road because garbage trucks cannot travel on private drives.

12. How often is my single-stream recycling collected at the curb?

· Inside City Limits -Recycling is collected every week.  Monday garbage pick up route will have their recycling picked up every Thursday.  Tuesday garbage pick up route will have their recycling picked up every Friday. 

· Outside City Limits (3 mile radius)- Recycling is collected every Friday.

13. What size bin options are available for Ruston customers? What are the costs?

14. Does Ruston make money off my recyclables?

No. A portion of the operating cost of the recycling program is offset through the sale of recyclable materials.

15. Where do recyclables go?

Recyclables are taken to a processing center in Shreveport where materials are sorted, screened for contamination, and baled for shipment to plants where they are made into new products.

16. What do I do with my yard waste?

Yard trash can be placed in a neat pile by the curb. Yard Trash will be picked up at least once a month or you can call 242-7700 for a scheduled pickup.

Non-Bagster yard trash and all other items such as furniture and appliances will be picked up monthly.  

17. How do I safely dispose of old car and household batteries, used motor oil or antifreeze, CFL bulbs and sharps?

The City of Ruston holds a yearly Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day in the Spring.  The drop off site is the North Louisiana Exhibition Center - 165 Fairgrounds Road (off Hwy 33 North)  FREE to all Lincoln Parish and City of Ruston residents.  Please no commercial or business waste.  Items that will be accepted:













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